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Hi, I´m Jamie and I´m 13 years old. I´m from Germany. That means I usally talk german, but I love to talk english. I´m getting better with my english everyday and speak english as often as I can. Some subjects in my school are in english and thats why my english is very well for my age.

I have a passion for photography. I´m using a Pentax Optio E60, but I´m saving for a Nikon D3000 Kit. I love those Canon-cameras! Even with the Pentax, I can take some good pictures.

I started to take pictures around the age of 10. Now I´m 13 and I want to become a proffessional photographer. It´s really fun  to take pictures and I´m surprised about how many awesome photographers are out there in this world! My favorite is Rachel Devine. I love her pictures, they are incredible!

I would like to thank you for reading my little story. There is more, but it is not very interesting. I just want to share my pictures with the world. And I hope you like them!


» Welcome to Jamie´s own little blog. She will be posting about pictures- taken by her. Jamie started to take photos at the age of 10 years old.
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Pentax Optio E60
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Every photo on this website was taken by Jamie. Do not steal her pictures, please. She is the rightful owner of them.
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