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A beautiful day

Yesterday I was at the fair with my family and some friends of my mom. We had a lot of fun togehter, but saidly I forgot my camera. Anyways, I got pictures for you! From my guinea pig. I got 4 guinea pigs, but only one them didn´t ran away.

Maybe you noticed my shirt? I bought it a few days ago. It says: "Anything you can do I can do better". I really like this t-shirt and I think it´s not true, who knows?

1.5.10 19:45


My website is online !

Finally, my website is online !

My mom and me worked so hard on this website. It´s not ready yet, the Gallery is in work right now. We want to get a Coppermine Gallery to share my pictures online. My mom wants to get a better layout soon but the layout on my website is ok. I like purple ! Maybe you´d like to visit my website: Jamies-photography.us.tt Please take a few minutes and look at it. Thanks !



26.4.10 21:13


I had a boring day at school yesterday. We should film a little movie about how we find school. I had my camera to film and as our teacher said what we are going to do I took a pictures from my work.

Yap, yap I love this picture! Its my work written on a white paper. The picture was taken in my german lessons. I love those lessons, but we have to write alot. I don´t know why the teacher gave us white paper. Anyways, I like this picture and I hope you do too

My mom and me are working on a website for me. The website will be online soon.

20.4.10 11:53

My very first Entry!

Hello everybody!
First of all, thanks for visting my personal photoblog. I know, I am young but I love to take pictures and I really want to share them with you! So, ya... thank you so much and I hope you like my pictures!  

Today I had a very beautiful day. First, I went to the shopping center with my bestie Alisha and then we went to the dyke. We had a lot of fun spending our time together. And I´m so glad that the spring is finalle here. I was waiting for it so long! Now the summer is comming even faster.

Here are snapshoots I took:

15.4.10 19:00


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